Friday, September 24, 2010

Proton Saga 3D modeling in 2D Rendering

Salam and hi everyone.

This is actually a continuation of earlier project, the saga first edition. At first the model are rendered out as ink and paint render, which is similar to lineart drawing. Then I render out ambient occlusion (AO) pass seperately.

Using wacom tablet, I painted in the color in photoshop. Then i combined the ink n paint pass together with AO pass on top of the color layer. both layer were set to Multiply in blend mode, with additional opacity reduction for the AO pass.

The background for the car was created earlier before the car project started. It is actually a small workshop scenery, which I find it suitable to show off the car engine. haha.

thank you for your visit~
p/s : To keep my blog a lil bit fresh, I changed to newer template. Its much easier to the eyes now haha.

p/s 2 : more about Ambient Occlusion can be read here :


  1. Wargh...hasilan yg sgt memuaskan jiwa.

    Bro, maksud dlm posting ni, bro buat 2 render dan overlap ye?betul ke apa yg saya faham nih?

    Saya baru beli G-Pen F509. Terkebil2 nak pakai. Kat JB xde jual Wacom. Jenuh cari.

  2. aah.. saye guna 3dsmax, render 2 kali, satu AO, save as png, pastu satu lagi render ink n paint. kemudian load dlm photoshop dan overlap 2 gambar tu.

  3. Genius G-Pen tu ok jugak.. dulu fikir dua kali jugak nak beli intuos nih.. mahal gile.. tapi dh beli x menyesal sampai skrg.

    tak kisah jenama apa.. janji kena rajin berlatih guna. masa mula2 saye pakai mcm belajar menulis balik.. susah nak tgk skrin sambil tulis. haha.