Thursday, May 26, 2011

Proton Inspira CPS Supercharged

This is my latest project, Proton Inspira CPS Supercharged. Inspired by Satria Neo supercharged R3 Engine, I decided to put it into the Inspira body.

Car enthuasist might be dissapointed by the drop of CC from 1.8/2.0 to 1.6 but a turbocharged engine is more interesting than naturally aspirated (N/A) engine. Despite an engine that is made by national car maker Proton, this engine is supposed to match the power of at least 1.8 N/A engine, with fuel economy as 1.6 engine. 

The car is modeled in 3ds Max 2010 and rendered using mental ray.  Enjoy the pics.

Any comments please drop it so I can improve. Thanks!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Combining 3D object with real photograph V2

With some comment from my sister, i re-edit my last piece to make it more realistic.. hope it does.. how do you think?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Combining 3D object with real photograph

Hi.. Its almost 5 month since my last post, showing how lazy I am to update this blog. I'm now focusing on 2D animation, but I never abandon 3D. Most of the time I use 3D to create object that is hard to draw, and then I render it using ink n paint.
But now I try to test something new to me. I'm trying to combine 3D object with real photograph. Its a tough job, and for this project I use my last 3D model, the old proton saga. Once I learn the trick, I try to apply on other render as well, and hopefully post it here.

Below is my test, I took a picture infront of my house, as the Background plate.
Then I render the model using mental ray matte/shadow/reflection shader.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Satria Neo Replacement Personal Impression

Hi.. its been long time since I post here..
I'm now focusing on 2D artwork right now since I'm doing a 2D animation. If you have interest in 2D animation come and visit my blog and my deviantArt bahtera-

So back to todays post. Malaysian car enthuasist are in hype for latest proton model saga Facelift and Inspira. My parents meanwhile already bought the original saga blm so there is no way we gonna change to the new facelifted saga. Inspira? still long way to go. While saga and Inspira spyshots has already emerged on the net, we might missed out our Satria Neo.. Is there any plan for Neo replacement? Just this year proton updated the neo with Lotus Racing tuning for their 25th anniversary . However its very limited..

After long thinking, I decided that I want to make my personal impression for Satria Neo replacement.
This artwork has a very deep influence on current Neo, wih a little bit touch of Honda City face. I felt that this still doesnt look futuristic enough.. Now i know designing car its not an easy task afterall..

Enjoy the pics. Click to enlarged.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Setting that I use for Ambient occlusion and Ink n paint

Even though no one ask me for this, I hope i can help someone who want to achieve the same ink n paint + AO render as mine.

Below is the setting I use for the AO (click to enlarge) :

Below is the setting I use for 'Ink n Paint' material :

Tips for mental ray users : If you want to assign all object to the same material, use 'material override' in Mental ray render setup -> Processing -> material override and drag to the button.

Hope that helps! thanks for your visit

Friday, September 24, 2010

Proton Saga 3D modeling in 2D Rendering

Salam and hi everyone.

This is actually a continuation of earlier project, the saga first edition. At first the model are rendered out as ink and paint render, which is similar to lineart drawing. Then I render out ambient occlusion (AO) pass seperately.

Using wacom tablet, I painted in the color in photoshop. Then i combined the ink n paint pass together with AO pass on top of the color layer. both layer were set to Multiply in blend mode, with additional opacity reduction for the AO pass.

The background for the car was created earlier before the car project started. It is actually a small workshop scenery, which I find it suitable to show off the car engine. haha.

thank you for your visit~
p/s : To keep my blog a lil bit fresh, I changed to newer template. Its much easier to the eyes now haha.

p/s 2 : more about Ambient Occlusion can be read here :

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Project - Proton Saga First Edition

Greetings everyone.

While everyone getting hyped  by the new proton Lancer thats just around the corner, why no we sat back and enjoy the first product of proton, the Proton Saga First Edition. Hahaha.

If you love 3d model render, you will notice that many times you can only see the car exterior body. So I try to be unique here,  I try to focus on the engine bay of the car. 
The car is powered by 4 piston, 8 valve 1.3cc engine by mitsubishi. The engine is extremely reliable and have a very low cost of maintenance. The fuel system is powered by old school Aisan Twin Barrel Twin Butterfly Carburettor.

Aisan Twin Barrel Twin Butterfly Carburettor

I render the models on 2 passes, one using Ink and Paint material, and another using Ambient Occlusion Pass.

Thats all for the entry. Thanks for your visit.