Monday, November 08, 2010

Satria Neo Replacement Personal Impression

Hi.. its been long time since I post here..
I'm now focusing on 2D artwork right now since I'm doing a 2D animation. If you have interest in 2D animation come and visit my blog and my deviantArt bahtera-

So back to todays post. Malaysian car enthuasist are in hype for latest proton model saga Facelift and Inspira. My parents meanwhile already bought the original saga blm so there is no way we gonna change to the new facelifted saga. Inspira? still long way to go. While saga and Inspira spyshots has already emerged on the net, we might missed out our Satria Neo.. Is there any plan for Neo replacement? Just this year proton updated the neo with Lotus Racing tuning for their 25th anniversary . However its very limited..

After long thinking, I decided that I want to make my personal impression for Satria Neo replacement.
This artwork has a very deep influence on current Neo, wih a little bit touch of Honda City face. I felt that this still doesnt look futuristic enough.. Now i know designing car its not an easy task afterall..

Enjoy the pics. Click to enlarged.


  1. Kualiti PROTON! Siapakah yang harus DIPERSALAHKAN???

  2. stakat nih BLM ayah saye xde masalah lagi... tapi pasal first batch tu btul bro.. mcm kakak saye punya first batch savvy ada problem dgn ignition coil.